Life's complicated


Put any bedding mess, dread or obsession to bed—it’s time to get organized.

 Simplified Bedding is an all-in-one Duvet Cover + Flat sheet bedding system designed to make everything about your bed easier and more comfy. Simplified Bedding will refresh how you think about your bed and will, ultimately, streamline your bedding care and expedite each morning.

 Inspired by the tradition of European bedding, Simplified Bedding is the only patented bedding of its kind, combining a soft, simple-to-use duvet cover with a seamlessly zippered-in flat sheet.

Experience the impact, every day.



│Save hours, gain happiness│

You will spend virtually no time making your bed and no time thinking you should have. No kidding: This can save you around 8 hours per year yet give you a sense of achievement every day. Just get out and pull up the cover for a perfectly-made bed. And get on with your life.

│Banish tangles│

Whether you get tangled during sleep or have to deal with bunched up sheets to make the bed, a zipped-in flat sheet means no more tangles or mess.

│Be aligned, every time│

For the perfectionists or aspiring ones, you will likely shave at least five minutes off your morning routine trying to align the sheet and comforter. With discrete zippers and Velcro, it’s already done.

│Deal with your duvet less│

You can easily zip off the flat sheet for washing, and then reconnect it simply. Meanwhile, your duvet cover stays put, needing less washing. Less washing of the duvet cover = fewer duvet insertions and placement (and frustrations!).

│Get really comfy│

We source 100% percent cotton sateen fabrics with 300 thread count for both the duvet cover and attached flat sheet. Super soft. For any season. Not to mention—our built-in corner and middle ties keep the duvet in place and a better fit all around.