SB-_ks_wonderfulWhite centered

Simplified Bedding focuses primarily on white bedding.
Know why?
Because there is nothing simpler and it’s the ultimate in flexibility.


1024 cropped images6 (1) white with maroon shams

White feels fresh and clean.
White is a blank canvas.
White is perfect for indecisiveness.
White is the easiest to launder.
White goes with everything.
White brightens any room.
White supports any crazy paint or pillow color decisions.
White bedding makes you feel like you’re in a hotel.

 Fun white fact:

White is not the absence of color; it’s the color produced by the combination of all the colors of the visible spectrum. Maybe that’s why it’s the ultimate flexible color.



We believe everyone should have at least one set of white bedding.
Let Simplified Bedding be your choice.