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First-of-its-Kind Patented Bedding Product Delivers the Perfectly Made Bed — Every Time


Boulder, CO (December 3, 2014) –Simplified Bedding ( announces the launch of its innovative patented bedding system, which combines a duvet cover and flat sheet into one seamless and sleek bedding solution. Designed for children, teens and adults, Simplified Bedding brings a convenient, new bedding product that provides simple bed make-up, tangle-free sleeping and easy laundering.


Simplified Bedding is an alternative to conventional bedding, integrating a high quality cotton duvet cover and flat sheet – delivering simplicity, comfort and ease. Attached by an easy zip on/off system concealed at the underside of the duvet cover, the flat sheet overlaps and affixes to the top of the cover to further ensure complete alignment while protecting it from oil and dirt. The duvet cover features ties in the interior four corners and top/bottom middle of the cover to keep the comforter from shifting. To launder, the flat sheet is simply unzipped from the duvet cover.


“Consumers absolutely want products that both simplify their lives and saves them time,” says Emily Stinchcomb, founder and owner of Simplified Bedding. “What we’ve created is a truly innovative solution to how your bedding functions. Not only is it ultra comfortable, it’s incredibly easy to make – saving you time every day, and delivering the perfectly made bed every time.”


“Making my bed has always been a hassle, especially when I became a time-starved wife and mom,” says Emily.  “Finding the sheets at the bottom or sides of the bed, and then trying to align them with the duvet cover while tucking them in – I had no time for it. I was motivated to find a solution, but one did not exist.”


Then, in 2007 during a trip to France, Emily was reminded of the European sleeping method, which does not use a flat sheet. Her only hesitation with this way of bedding was that by not using a flat sheet, she would need to launder the duvet cover often, which requires added time and effort, as well as, wear and tear of the duvet cover from over-washing. During her trip, Emily came up with the concept and soon began designing Simplified Bedding – an integrated bedding system that delivers a convenient bedding solution to eliminate sheet tangles and streamline the bedding make-up without sacrificing cleanliness or comfort. 


Offered in a pure white to complement any style and room décor, Simplified Bedding is available in twin, queen and king sizes. Prices for the bedding systems range from $159-$209. Additional zip-sheets range from $55 – $85, and a pair of coordinating pillow shams is $50. The products are available at


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About Simplified Bedding

Simplified Bedding is a Boulder, CO-based specialty bedding company and developer of a patented system that integrates a duvet cover and attached flat sheet into a seamless bedding solution providing simplicity, tangle-free sleeping and comfort.