We are extremely grateful to our Simplified Bedding supporters that contributed to our Kickstarter campaign Fall 2014. ¬†They have generously helped ‘kickstart’ our mission to bring our product to market and offer a bedding solution to simplify our lives. ¬†Below are names of our contributors, in no particular order.


Liz + Ryan Chreist

Jamie Harriman

Sharon White

Noah Oken-Berg

Tina Dunn

Nina Cashman

Lisa Graycar

Shanan O’Droscoll Hedges

Holly Gossard

The Vogt Family


The Kaveney Family

Chris Zwolfer

Xan Gale + John Stromquist


Carol Cobb

Mike Mahanay

Dana + Jason Morton

Margie Coffey

Allie Sherry

Tiffany + Chad Bray

Jessi Carey

Melissa Sweeny

Hilary + Michael Remacle

Hillary Cardinal



Jenn V.

Gretchen H.

Penny Tompkins


Kristin Johnson

Jenny Stroud

Lisa Barnes

Alison Smith

Erin C.D.

Bina M.

The Shipman Family

Kim K.

Dave S.

Hagit M.D.

Greg T.

Kelly F.

Maura S.



Kim C.

Tina S.

Gina K.

Agata R.

Darcy R.

Brownish Black

Ree D.

Sarah K.

Stephanie B.C.

Cady W.

Harmony S.

The Phillips Family

Aimee Schutz Miller

Steve S.

Erik Stromquist