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As a child, teen, college student and single working professional, making my bed was always a hassle.  Then as a time-starved wife and mom, this daily chore became even a greater nuisance.  Finding the sheets at the bottom or sides of the bed in the morning (after a restless nights sleep of sheet tangles), and then trying to align them with the duvet cover while tucking them in – I had no time for it!  And my kids were in the same boat.


I was motivated to find a solution, but one did not exist.


Then in 2007 during a trip to France with my husband, I was reminded of the European sleeping method sans flat sheet, comfortably under a soft cover surrounding a warm down duvet. I was in heaven – carefree sleeping with one leg out, not getting tangled in the flat sheet nor finding it at the bottom of the bed the next morning.  And the make-up of the bed in the morning was so easy and took no time.
My only hesitation with this way of bedding was that by not using a flat sheet as a barrier between myself and the cover – that would mean I would need to launder the duvet cover often, which we all know is a huge frustration.  Taking out the duvet and/or comforter requires a lot of time and effort – and usually it is a two man job. Not to mention the wear and tear of the duvet cover from over-washing.


That trip with plenty of jetlag, I came up with the idea for my integrated bedding system — a combination duvet cover with an attachable flat sheet.  I had figured out a way to deliver a convenient bedding solution to eliminate sheet tangles and streamline the bedding make-up without sacrificing cleanliness.  


Today, Simplified Bedding is a patented system that delivers the perfectly made bed – every time.