What are the ties on the inside of a duvet cover for?  How do you use them?

Wondering what those ties are on the inside corners and middle top/bottom of your duvet covers?
They are for tying to the corner of the duvet/comforter to keep them in place within the cover. This prevents it from shifting inside the duvet cover.
Most newer duvet/comforters have the corresponding loops.
But if yours does not do not, you can always add them on easily!

Another simple solution is to bunch the corners of the duvet/comforter and tie it around.



The Happiness Project……Making your bed is the #1 most popular resolution! Simplified Bedding can help in this first morning step.

Exert from Gretchen Rubin – ‘The Happiness Project’

When people tell me they’ve done their own happiness projects, I always ask, “What resolutions did you try? What worked for you?”

One answer comes up more than any other. I’m not saying that this is the mostsignificant thing you could do to boost your happiness, but it does seem to be a thing that people actually do–and that boosts their happiness.

This most popular resolution? To make your bed.

Now, it’s true that some people thrive on a little chaos. They find a disorderly room to be comfy and casual. When one of my friends was growing up, her mother made such a big deal of keeping the house clean that now my friend has gone far in the opposite direction. Very far. Most people, however, even if they may find it tough to keep things tidy, prefer to live in orderly surroundings.

It’s a Secret of Adulthood: for most people, outer order contributes to inner calm.

If you love a calm environment,  making the bed is one of the quickest, easiest steps to cultivate a sense of order. Also, I get a real feeling of accomplishment from having completed this small task. It’s nice to start the day feeling that I’ve crossed something – however minor – off my list. It starts me off feeling productive, disciplined, and efficient.

Especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed, picking one little task to improve your situation, and doing it regularly, can help you regain a sense of control. Making your bed is a good place to start. It might help you build momentum to keeping other, more significant resolutions.



And on that same topic …….Make your bed for productivity, profit and peace!…



BEST WAY TO LAUNDER A KING SIZE DUVET COVER (or any size duvet cover for that matter):
I’ve been asked what is the best way to wash/dry a duvet cover so it doesn’t wrinkle so much, especially a King size. For all my duvet covers, I was in warm water. If you have one of my SB integrated products – you will always want to detach the sheet from the duvet cover before washing. After, If the weather is nice, I always hang outside to dry as I not only love to save energy, but I love the smell that the outside brings to the bedding (plus helps with the wrinkles). But if you have to dry in the dryer – dry on low heat and dry separately (meaning, dry the duvet cover alone). It is such a large piece piece of fabric, if you add in too many items, that is when you get the wrinkles.
Hope you find this helpful!